Teaching Series

For adults interested in finding out about what being a Christian means we offer the Pilgrim programme, which creates a place where people can explore the Christian faith together and see how it can be lived out each day. Unlike other courses it approaches the great issues of faith not through persuasion, but participation in a pattern of contemplation and discussion with a group of fellow travellers.

We also offer mini courses studying specific topics - e.g. the Eucharist, a synoptic gospel, prayer. During Lent we generally study a set book. These courses typically run for 4 - 6 weeks, taking 60 - 90 minutes per weekly session.

There are a number of parishioners who study the BRF daily bible notes and they get together as a group to exchange thoughts and ideas.


For more details on any of these course and to find out when the next group is meeting visit our calendar page or contact our church office.

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