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The Funeral Mass for Johanna Raffan
The Funeral Mass for Johanna Raffan
Duration: 1 hour 20 seconds
Date Recorded: 29/06/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 180421
St Luke's Service Sunday 180421
Duration: 50m 20s
Date Recorded: 18/04/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 11042021
St Luke's Service Sunday 11042021 Holy Communion during the period of mourning
Duration: 48 minutes 2 seconds
Date Recorded: 11/04/2021

St Lukes Easter Service 04042021
St Luke's Easter Service 04042021
Duration: 52 minutes 37 second
Date Recorded: 04/04/2021

St Lukes Palm Sunday Service 28032021
St Luke's Palm Sunday Service of the Word
Duration: 54m 08s
Date Recorded: 28/03/2021

Reflections at the Cross
Music and Words for Good Friday Recorded for Good Friday 2020
Duration: 36 minutes
Date Recorded: 24/03/2021

Compline for Passiontide
Compline for Passiontide. Recorded in 2020
Duration: 14 minutes
Date Recorded: 22/03/2021

Stations of the Cross for Our Time
Liturgy is from the Faith Development Services Team at Ossory Diocese. Artistic images of the Stations of the Cross that accompany each reflection are the work of Ken Cooke and were originally sourced from the Church of St. George the Martyr in Newbury. Photographs by Dave and Phyl. Video recorded in 2020
Duration: 43 minutes
Date Recorded: 22/03/2021

Stations of the Cross Koder
Contemporary Stations using beautiful paintings by Sieger Koder Video recorded in 2020
Duration: 52 minutes
Date Recorded: 22/03/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 21032021
St Luke's Service of the Word Sunday 21st march 2021
Duration: 51 minutes 4 seconds
Date Recorded: 21/03/2021

St Lukes Service Mothering Sunday 14032021
St Luke's Service Mothering Sunday 14032021
Duration: 48 minutes 23 second
Date Recorded: 14/03/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 07032021
St Luke's Service of the Word Sunday 07032021
Duration: 39m 23s
Date Recorded: 07/03/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 280221
St Luke's Service 28.02.21
Duration: 45m 56s
Date Recorded: 28/02/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 21022021
St Luke's Service of the Word during Lent - Sunday 21022021
Duration: 33 minutes 2 seconds
Date Recorded: 21/02/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 14022021
St Luke's Service Sunday 14022021
Duration: 36m 51s
Date Recorded: 14/02/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 07022021
Our Service of the Word on 7th February 2021
Duration: 40m 58s
Date Recorded: 07/02/2021

St Lukes Christingle Service Sunday 31012021
A Service of the Word for Christingle. Due to technical issues the beginning of the recording is unavailable and has been replaced by a slide showing the opening words and response.
Duration: 38m 25s
Date Recorded: 31/01/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 240121
Service of the Word for 24th January 2021 - please look out for Bishop Stevens 'Come and See' message at the end (about 33m 50s)
Duration: 37m 48s
Date Recorded: 24/01/2021

A Christingle service for children
A Christingle service to round off the Christmas season at Candlemas
Duration: 16 mins 8 secs
Date Recorded: 23/01/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 17012021
St Luke's Service of the Word for 17.01.2021
Duration: 39 m 35 s
Date Recorded: 17/01/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 10012021
St Luke's Service of the Word 10th January 2021
Duration: 31m 14s
Date Recorded: 10/01/2021

St Lukes Service Sunday 03012021
St Lukes Service Sunday 03012021
Duration: 47m 24s
Date Recorded: 03/01/2021

Tree Festival winners
the Church of the Goo Shepherd, Cox Green receive their winners certifcate
Duration: 1 min 40 secs
Date Recorded: 24/12/2020

St Lukes Service Sunday 20122020
St Luke's Service Sunday 20122020 - Fourth Sunday of Advent
Duration: 46m 21s
Date Recorded: 20/12/2020

St Lukes Carol Service 2020
St Luke's Carol Service 2020 - please see our Worship pages for a link to the Order of Service
Duration: 51m 30s
Date Recorded: 20/12/2020

A video for children on the fourth Sunday of Advent
Godly play to explore the nativity
Duration: 10m 55s
Date Recorded: 16/12/2020

St Lukes Service Sunday 13122020
St Luke's Service Sunday 13122020, the Third Sunday of Advent
Duration: 44 minutes 51 second
Date Recorded: 13/12/2020

A video for children for the third Sunday of Advent
Godly play to explore Advent 3
Duration: 7 mins 15 secs
Date Recorded: 11/12/2020

CTT Launch 9th December 2020
Launch of the 2020 COVID Safe Christmas Tree Trail
Duration: 6m 12s
Date Recorded: 09/12/2020

St Lukes Service Sunday 06122020
St Luke's Service Sunday 06122020 - the second Sunday of Advent
Duration: 45 minutes 39 second
Date Recorded: 06/12/2020